World Class Gelcoat Manufacturing Capability

NCS Resins, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins, embarked on a major upgrade of its gelcoat manufacturing facility in Pinetown, KZN during March 2011. This 12 month project was successfully concluded during March 2012. 

Product quality, consistency and support of  NCS Resin’s sustainability policy is critical to the success of all projects. This has meant that all project works were undertaken with a high priority given to environmentally sustainable design principles.  

The scope of the work included a new gelcoat reactor with new:-
  1. Improved natural lighting and natural air flow.
  2. a. Allows for a better working environment.

  3. Efficient dual Vari-Shear
  4. a. Able to high shear powders in shorter times.

  5. Improved Measuring Systems
  6. a. Intermediate weigh tanks for pre-charge accuracy
    b. Reactor and blenders on load cells for charge accuracy

  7. Improved Filler addition systems
  8. a. All fillers added using a mechanised conveyor with no need to open the reactor hatch during manufacture.

  9. Closed additive charging point
  10. a. All additives charged at a single point with no release of vapour

  11. Efficient dust and vapour extraction system
  12. a. Reduced operator exposure
    b. Reduced waste

  13. Imporved cooling systems with high temperature interlocks
  14. a. Able to maintian consistent processing temperatures.
    b. Mulit point temperature measurement

  15. Imporved Sampling 
  16. a. Ability to sample at different points to ensure consistency

  17. Batch size flexibility
  18. a.This reactor has been proofed to manufacture (50% - 100%) batches.
    b. Larger batches allow for improved consistency and response times.

  19. Increased blender capacity
  20. a. Allows for improved utilisation of reactor

  21. Improved filtration
  22. a. Reduces possibilty of rejects and customer complaints

  23. Improved drumming process
  24. a. Easier handling and reduced operator fatigue.



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