Industry Services

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Health, Safety & Environment Audits

As a manufacturing and distribution concern dealing with hazardous chemicals, NCS Resins is committed to the protection of its own and its customer's working environment.

We offer OHS ACT/municipal bylaw compliance, health & safety surveys,
and on-site styrene vapour measurements

Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Services offered include:-

  • Plant Design: bulk storage tanks, resin mixing plants, resin reticulation systems
  • Plant optimisation and troubleshooting


NCS Resins has a long history of providing training to the Composites Industry.

The company supports the sales of its products with expert training on the correct use of its products in the variety of applications in which they are used. Training is provided to customers on request at levels ranging from shop-floor basic gelcoating, basic lamination, basic quality considerations during composites manufacture, to advanced applications such as chop-and-spray, gelcoat spray, vacuum infusion, RTM Light.

NCS Resins provides regular training on the operation and maintenance of Magnum Venus Plastech spray equipment, and provides MVP training on construction of tooling for RTM Light.

In partnership with the Vaal University of Technology, NCS provides training towards the achievement of the ACMA Certified Composites Technician, and in addition, provides training with the VUT towards the Competent Persons certification.