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Here are a few letters from some of the lives and organizations we have touched...

Letter from PHAKAMISA to NCS Resins

Hi Simon,

On behalf of the 8 Phakamisa participants who received training at NCS Resins yesterday, a VERY sincere thank you! We had a great day and are all very inspired to get out there and make items from resin laminates. The overview you gave us of the plant at the start of the day was most informative and helped to contextualize NCS and what we were there for. Yuvika was a real gem! She was patient and gentle with us - a bunch of totally ignorant people - but we left feeling very positive about the use of resin and filled with possibilities of how to use it in the communities. We so enjoyed our pizzas for lunch! That was an unexpected treat – so thank you for that gesture of hospitality as well. We are all looking forward to taking this matter forward - the possibilities are exciting and challenging.

Please do convey our sincere thanks to all concerned.
Glenda Howieson


Hi Tubby, and Sheila, many thanks for the fantastic support of WREC and the generous donation! We greatly appreciate your support and this will go a long way towards helping WREC build a classroom arising from our Peloton Tour of 2011.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Mike Clark

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